Our Wichita Falls radio stations include:


On-air messages can reach you while you're not necessarily looking for specific products or services and while you're multi-tasking. Also, radio is much more than just the radio dial, as we reach listeners streaming digitally on desktop and mobile players, station apps, smart speakers, connected cars and more.


On-air messages are often the last form of advertising you're exposed to before the point of purchase. Consumers are listening to us when deciding where to go and right before reaching for their wallets.


It's emotional, it's influential. On-air messages are a great way to influence someone to feel something, believe something or take action. Listeners turn to radio to stay connected to their community, and their favorite local DJs influence their opinions and buying decisions.

Is it working?

One of the most common questions advertisers ask about radio: is it really working? Townsquare Analytics is a tracking and attribution model created to answer that very question. Actionable data insights empower you, the advertiser, with the tools necessary to optimize impact and improve ROI for your radio campaign.

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